If you're living without a hip like me, please reach out to me.....

Posted by Anonymous122054 @anonymous122054, Nov 28, 2017

Hello. I’m a 52 year old Female living in Seattle Wa. Last Sept I had a THR which was going well at first but at 3 weeks I dislocated it. E.R. popped it back in and 2 weeks later it dislocated again. I had to wait until the second week of Dec. for the revision. Because On Dec 5th I had breast cancer surgery. (when it rains, it pours) and Dec 12th I had the revision. Dec 19th I had a fever of 104 and went to the ER. They sent me to the hospital where I had the hip surgery and 12 hours later was told I had an infection and that the hip needed to come out. They put in a spacer and a new piece in my femur and told me when the infection was gone that they would put in a new THR. I was in the hospital the week of Christmas and had to do the IV infusions for 7weeks. I lived alone except for a 1 1/2 y.o. boxer dog who I had rescued between dislocations. I already have severe depression and anxiety along with PTSD so this whole ordeal was more than I could handle. My surgeon (I found out later) was a huge ass who didn’t give a crap about me (or anyone who wasn’t him) and lied to me about several things, including trying to convince me that I could live a normal life with the temporary hip. I knew that was impossible because the pain from the spacer was horrible and later found out that the pain was caused by the spacer shifting because he didn’t use enough cement to hold it in place. I wanted a new surgeon and had to fight with his office to get someone else to replace the hip. I met with the new surgeon (who is great) the day they were pulling out the PICC line and we talked about the following month of checking my blood and my hip fluid before proceeding with the new hip.The PICC line came out and 6 days later I was back at the ER septic and close to death because the staph infection wasn’t gone. The next time I saw my new surgeon he was leaning over me in the ER saying ” I’m sorry but I have to remove the whole thing and after that you’re done. He cut me open and I had a pus pocket the size of a football that exploded when he cut me. I spent another week in the hospital and had another 7 weeks of the PICC line and IV infusions. I spoke to the surgeon while still in the hospital and he said he could “attempt” a 2 stage surgery when the staph was gone. I opted out. I felt that 4 surgeries was way too much for me (5 if you count cancer). I had to move from where I was living in 30 days and am currently renting a room 50 miles from Seattle where I know no one. I still have the dog (she’s the only reason I made it this far). and with the rent in Seattle going through the roof, I can’t even afford a room for rent so I’m trying to find a live-in caregiver position that I could trade for rent. It’s been a really long year and I’m still trying to comprehend the fact that I’ll never be the same. I was living on a horse farm before the surgery, trading work for an apt. on the farm. I loved it more than I ever thought and was hoping to get this hip done and find another farm to live on. That will never happen now because I can’t risk being knocked over. I had a house cleaning business (no employees, just me) for 25 years and I can’t do that anymore either. I’m going crazy with boredom and don’t know what to do with myself. I’m still on painkillers twice daily and to keep the pain somewhat at bay can’t drive too much or stand, sit, walk or lay down for too long. I would love to hear from people who are also living without a hip to share thoughts or ideas about a common situation. No one I have spoken to, including surgeons, physical therapists and the like knows anyone living without a hip. My friend found this site for me. Please reach out to me. I think it would help me to know I’m not the only one. Thank you, Robin

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So sorry you are having these ongoing issues. I too have a spacer due to ongoing infection in my hip
I can only toe touch my left leg so I can’t really do much only
With a walker
I have an adult son who has to live with me to help
It’s awful
But I don’t have pain from the spacer
I have good surgeons but not sure about my future hip will be
I had about 9 hip revisions in past 20 years


Hi Robin!…my sister had a lot of similar issues to you. She went to a doctor who told her the only choice was Orto revision. She had that done and she can’t bend more than 70 degrees but is living alone and doing fairly well. She is on a permanent- more or less- PT twice a week and that is also very good for her emotionally and physically. She can only drive a 10 mile radius as the driving position is rough. But she does it!….you might want to look into Orto.
Anxiety is also probably causing you problems. You maybe should look at the clinical signs on line and if you line up, then ask for a trial dose of something to help you. the one I am on is Effexor time released. Life changing!!…


Hi Robin, I’m so sorry to hear of your complications with the hip. Mi r to got infected. I got to keep my hip though. They washed it out replaced parts and put me on an iv antibiotic for 6-7 weeks. Then on oral antibiotics for a year. I’m currently awaiting a second hip
Surgery on the other side. So are there any hope of you getting another hip? I sure hope so
I’d hate for you to
Be so limited so young.
Prayers coming your way.
Good luck to you

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