Motion Specific Release (MSR) treatment for PN?

Posted by betl @betl, Dec 26, 2022

Is anyone familiar with or have had MSR (Motion Specific Release) treatment for PN? My daughter-in-law who resides out of state is a PT. She uses it quite often in treatment for people who have had falls or been in car accidents. It treats neural tension where the nerve gets entrapped or is basically rubbing through an area of tight fascia and muscle. I believe the treatment was originally developed by a chiropractor, and it is now being used by PT’s who have been specifically trained in this modality. I have been diagnosed with IPN and have painful muscles in my lower legs as a result. It is difficult to take walks as the pain is always there. I was diagnosed through an EMG. I do not take pain relief prescription medication because these cause side effects for me.

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Hi @betl, I haven't heard of Motion Specific Release Therapy for peripheral neuropathy but it sounds very similar to Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) which is described in another discussion here:
— Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) for treating compression and pain:
You will notice that we changed the title of your discussion to better describe what the discussion is about and hopefully allow members to find the discussion and share their experience with MSR.

Have you tried Motion Specific Release treatments or thinking about it?

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