idiopathic neuropathy and sugar, not a diabetic

Posted by tdemaria @tdemaria, Dec 11, 2018

I get neuropathy when I eat. Most thing cause some but sweets cause my feet to go numb, burn and pin and needles. I have been tested many time for diabeties and they say I am not even close. Could this be vasculitus or some RA disease causing the issue. I feelmthe best innthe mornings with little or now neuropathy. As the day goes on and depending on my diet i get inflamed. I do have a bulging disc in my back pressing on nerves but why the sugar would make that so much worse. My Dr is stumped and have no other options for me. I would like to monitor my sugar level continously for a few weeks to see how high I am getting. Can it be insulin intolerance?

@tdemaria Another patient here was talking about sugar increasing his pain and neuropathy and he had gout. When I looked that up, a lot of foods including sugar triggers that type of inflammation. You can do an elimination diet and figure out what foods are your triggers. Here is some information on gout.


I have found that sugar increased my pain, so now I am sugar free. Gluten increases pain as well. I detoxed from sugar, gluten and dairy and feel so much better. Pain decreased substantially.

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