IDC newly diagnosed-crawling sensation-lymph node thickening

Posted by cathd @cathd, Sep 30 12:43pm


I was diagnosed last week w/ IDC and have read a lot of great information here. I have an appointment with a surgeon in early November but am worried about a couple of things.

1.) For six moths prior to the mammogram which found the tumor, I had a crawling sensation in my breast but ignored it because I figured it was a new cyst growing larger. This sensation is moving to my armpit – is a nerve being activated by the growing tumor or am I feeling the cancer itself growing?

2.) In reading the mammography/ultrasound report it states that … "There is a single left axillary lymph node which demonstrates mild diffuse cortical thickening measuring 4 to 5 mm." I am concerned about this after poking around a bit on the internet. Is this always metastasis? If it is, then I want to get moving more quickly with the treatment.

Any stories of similar experience would be appreciated greatly.

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I had 5 large lymph nodes “cortical thickening” and none of them had cancer in them. I’m not sure about the crawling sensation though. I feel like I had weird twinges of pain before I knew that I had cancer though. I spoke to a surgeon about a week after my diagnosis and had my surgery 3 weeks after that. Good luck to you.


Thank you so much – hope you are doing well!



I had what I describe as a gripping pain the month before being diagnosed. It lasted most of the day or maybe 2. My nodes were clear. I always tried to get on the cancellation list if there were not any appointments earlier. 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Thank you Sirene, that is good advice. Best wishes to you!

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