Ice water immersion for neuralgia

Posted by alh123 @alh123, May 14, 2022

I recently watched a short Netflix film about a woman in Finland attempting the world record for swimming under ice while breath holding. ( Hold your breath: the ice dive) . Great story.
I won’t give away any spoilers , but part of her story was that she previously had had a severely broken leg that required an immediate skin incision along her calf to relieve pressure called an escharotomy . This damaged a sensory nerve and resulted in a severe neuralgia that changed her life dramatically. I suffer from a similar neuralgia. She was encouraged to immerse it in ice water regularly as part of a physiotherapy treatment plan. After getting used to the pain ,she eventually immersed her whole body and started swimming in frozen lakes . It appears to have cured her neuralgia almost completely . She certainly seems to be living a very active life in the film.
Has anyone had any experience with or heard about ice water immersion as a treatment for neuralgia?
I may write the lady to find out more as it certainly worked for her , and I can see there is a certain logic to the physiology .

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Thanks for posting that info . Yes I’d seen that case study …quite miraculous, similar to the lady in the film. I will say that ice is still the only thing that gives me mild relief …more so in the early days . I used to go dip in the cold ocean and swim with one leg ( no , I didn’t go round in circles!) earlier on my journey , but nothing as drastic as ice water immersion. I wonder if it’s too late ? I’ll keep you posted , as I might as well try it.

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Hi @alh123 ,

Thank you for 'the swimming in circles" , I swam with a knee brace, and that was a joke amoung my friends. It felt so good to just get in the water and swim.

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