Posted by amberpep @amberpep, Wed, Oct 30 3:49pm

I just had a colonoscopy 2 months ago so I know there's nothing really wrong. But everytime I get overly stressed I wind up with what I think is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I get diahrea, abdominal pain – gas like – and when it hits, I've got to get to the bathroom pronto! I usually don't go anywhere on those days. It only lasts about a half day or a day, but on those days I wear a Depends, just in case I don't make it. After the spell is over, my abdomon feels as though it's been purged. I do have Bipolar 2, and when stress hits, this is how it manifests itself. I usually take Immodium – I only need 1 or 2, but it really leaves me dragging. I just want to lay down and sleep.
Any suggestions on anything else to do besides what I'm doing?

Have you tried daily Metamucil?


Hi @amberpep – first- great that you had a good colonoscopy! I understand fully what you are going through with the IBS attacks. Stress is hard to avoid. I have lived with this for years. Imodium is good to take before you leave the house. I agree with Depends for emergencies- you are not alone! I also take PeptoBismol those days in addition to an antispasmodic, like Bentyl. Helps with cramps. If I’m home, I’ll nap a lot. When I sleep, my intestines sleep too. I always have PeptoBismol and Bentyl in my purse. Let’s see if other members have additional tips!

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