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I went to a counceler for the second time this morning and

Posted by @coyotelee in Just Want to Talk, Sep 13, 2012

I went to a counceler for the second time this morning and it has helped me more than I ever thought. Some have thought that it would be best for me to see a phycyatrist but I dont believe in phycyatrists because they dont see the human side,they only see the science side of it and they are well known to also use they're own opinions and in most cases they simply dont get it.
Heres a perfect example, I had began feeling weak around 12 years ago,I went to one Dr after another whom most sent me to see a phycyatrist and in each case I was told that I was weak and losing strength because I was deppressed and they put me on one anti deppression pill after another and it turned out that it had nothing to do with deppression,it was a medical problem most likely my adrenal glands,since only 1 out of 100.000 people get addisons disease very few Dr's knew that a person can have Addisons disease for years before its discovered,in my case the symtems were there,I was getting weaker and weaker and this was going on over 5 or 6 years and then it became worse and still lets give him a new anti depression pill sence the other 150 different ones didnt work may we will try another 150 different type of anti depression pills,You dont need a phychatrist to know that this is something else but not one of those phyciatrists thought maybe he should have his blood tested,Why because phyciatrists are trained to find something wrong even if there is nothing wrong.Had one of those phyciatrists suggested that my blood be tested I would have avoided going through the agony that i have gone through,Finally i lost all of my sex drive,I was slowly getting weaker and still not one phycatrist could possibly think that this might be a medical problem,Finally after having an utter and complete nervouse breakdown in Nebraska I was seen by one of the mostr prominent phyciatrist in the country Dr Roy and he was so angry because it was a medical problem that led to me being bedridden for a year straight.He looked at the human side and understood why I had the nervous breakdown and then another one because I could not let go of all that led up to my near death and it took that nervous breakdown to open my eyes and let the past go and that is exactly what ive done,I dont blame anyone anymore,ive forgiven many people and simply clicked DELETE of my past and turned my life over to God and a great Christian licenced with a batchlers degree counceler whom in less than an hour helped me and allowed me to let out all opf the grief that had been ripping me apart,I under no circumstances will ever go to a phyciatrist.I already knew what was wrong,I just needed someone to listen and help me to get through this and its done wonders,So I can honestly say that ive got the best Dr on earth at the Mayo Clinic Dr Adamson (Also my hero) and the best counceler that I could have ever asked for,I wanted to see a councler because I knew what was wrong,I needed someone that I could let out all of the demons that consumed me and I was able to get great feedback and sugesstions which has helped me in so many ways,Please dont misunderstand this,there are people whom need to see a phyciatrist but these are people whom dont know whats wrong and a phyciatrist can be the best way to go,But always remember,If you know what the problem is (And its not dreams of killing people or yourself or anything that is that deep) Then I sugesst with 100% knowledge of what im saying,First seek counceling and if the problems is still there or its getting worse then see a phyciatrist,Its almost like the 12 step program used for those with drinking problems except its more of a 4 step program and it starts with your Dr,1st step for Doctors,Dont assume that someone whom has had a nervouse breakdown must see a phyciatrist especially if the patient has been through a living h@$%,First set up counceling because many many nervouse breakdowns happen because the patient has so much bottled up inside and has no one to talk to about it,thats what counceling is for,2nd if you believe that you need to see a phyciatrist then please do because there are people whom need that,3rd Look at the Human side of it,Look at what the patient has gone through and then before making a fast judgment please remember that sometimes people need someone to talk to and let out whats bottled up inside and it can change a person so fast because they have found someone that they can talk with and let out all that is consuming them and it can make a giant difference,Many people have went to phycatrists whom put them on wrong medicines and so many have came out worse than they were,Last but not leased,Dont confuse the Mind with Normal Human Emotions (excuse my spelling) So many simply need someone to listen.Some may disagree with me but through my own experiences many many problems could have been avoided if only they had checked to find out why a person is getting weaker,why that person cant perform sexually (especially at a young age) That alone should have told that Dr from years ago that there was something wrong (Health Wise) PLEASE remember I am speaking of my own experiences and am in no way speaking as a professional. It took me years but I was blessed to find a great Dr as well as a Great Man and Human Being and now God has added a great Counceler and though my body feels like a train wreck,I no longer am consumbed by my passed.God Bless each and everyone here and always know that you are in my prayers.
Ronald Grim aka Coyote


Posted by @afterthetreatment, Tue, Jan 19 at 2:05pm CST

I'm confused as what disease you have, I'm new here and I want to talk to someone post Hep C treatment? Thank you


Posted by @afterthetreatment, Wed, Jan 20 at 11:41am CST

I want to be in a chat where people are talking? Thank you. No one answers this single posts


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jan 20 at 8:51pm CST

Hi @afterthetreatment. I understand your frustration. We are working on bringing recently active Connect members into the Hep C conversation in the Infectious Diseases group

Connect Community Director


Posted by @afterthetreatment, Wed, Jan 20 at 11:36pm CST

Im SO confused in the Hep C forum there is one post and yours is it. But you don't mention any treatment for Hep C?


Posted by @colleenyoung, Thu, Jan 21 at 8:15am CST

Sending you a Private Message so we can figure this out.

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