I was running my hands down my shins and felt a painless lump?

Posted by nelson11 @nelson11, Oct 6 10:47pm

Ran my hand down my shin and felt a lump non painful towards end of shin. Googled it and feel very worried about what I read. Looking for help as to what this could be?

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@nelson11 Google can be your friend or your foe. When googling something medical the information can instill all kinds of fear and worry.

Have you seen your doctor? This is something to get evaluated by your GP (primary care physician). It could be something simple like a lipoma (a deposit of fatty tissue that is benign). Your doctor can help you to sort that out. Also, I’d suggest about asking your doctor for a scan to rule out anything malignant (cancer) which I’m guessing is what worries you.

Will you make an appointment to see your doctor on Monday?

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