I remember being bullied in school and then as adult in relationships

Posted by Roxie43 @roxie43, Jun 16, 2012

I remember being bullied in school and then as adult in relationships and finally in the workplace. It’s a horrible horrible feeling to be made fun off, talked about, laughed at and targeted. I thought I was safe at Mayo Clinic from all the torment and abuse but no matter what arena one is in there always seems to be a glorified bully who intentionally hurts another and then fades into obscurity only to return as a new and well intended individual until the next trigger.
Individuals who hurt others after learning about one’s trying times should be banned not just have their destructive comments erased.
Now you can you trust? It’s sad, these are sad times when people sit back and simply watch another suffer.
If you are not part of the solution to this pandemic societal issue ….You are part of the problem.
Have a nice and peaceful weekend ….

I too feel sad. I was subjected to bullying at school and also in a workplace situation. It is true that bullies seem to appear everywhere. I felt too that safety would be here at Mayo clinic but however i also was subjected to hurtful abuse as well as a very dear friend. Please be careful check profiles if it seems not right don’t go there. I wish you all a safe and happy day take care of yourselves and your family and friends, all so precious in this life Piglit


Beautifully stated Piglit….

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