I never thought I'd be thankful for ...

It’s Thanksgiving today.
People across the United States are sharing meals, walks and stories, and giving thanks. However, there are times life takes us by surprise. Things happen unexpectedly and it is only upon reflection or retrospection that we can give thanks.

How would you complete this sentence?

I never thought I’d be thankful for _____________________.

Merry, @merpreb. We're good, and I look forward to working with you as we lend an ear to people who need someone to listen and know we are giving support.
@retiredteacher, Carol
Volunteer Mentor


I never thought I'd be thankful for still living in the little 1940s house I bought in 2002 as a single person with 1.25 bathrooms (the .25 is from a previous homeowner installing a toilet on the outflow in the unfinished part of the basement behind the water heater); a detached, one-car garage; and no real master bedroom. I'd originally envisioned living here for 5 years tops. Especially since my husband and I married in 2004 and he moved into this little home, we've gotten to know many wonderful neighbors, learned how to be homeowners and maintain and update a home, afforded to have me stay at home with our children for nearly a decade, and been able to save more to put into our next home. Our children even were drawn in the lottery to go to the choice elementary school two blocks away, which has been wonderful. Thankful for this little place.


@lisalucier Reading your journey put a smile on my heart. I have been decorating my little space for Christmas. My little Tinsel Town. Not much room but lots of love here. Also cold outside and I am waiting for the next warm-up to stick my neck out.

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