I need your help finding a state of the art Neurologist, Antioch, Il.

Posted by surayabay24 @surayabay24, Mar 23 9:38am

Male, 76, former first responder, & US Army, paratrooper, 100%, VA (P&T) disabled. Ambulatory, can drive, poor balance, non-diabetic, arthritis, heart patient, stents, spinal fusion, disk disease, shoulder replacement. Both knees & hips need replacement, increasing pain levels. Protocol pain meds have failed. Medicare-Advantge plan. Constant daily pain in feet, knees, shins, & lower back. No narcotic pain meds, please. Need a local Neurologist referral, near Antioch, Ill. HELP!

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Yes it is true.You got lucky but wait for it!!! Your bill will be coming and Advantage plan won't cover it.Your loss for going the cheap way for your health.You can go down to Advantage plan but not up to Plan G

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