I lost your message some how. I'm sorry that happened. I am

Posted by Merrilyn @merrilyn, Jan 14, 2012

I lost your message some how. I’m sorry that happened. I am going through with the test/procedure on 1/23/2012. @nhplady

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Sorry, Merrilyn. (I like the spelling of your name). I wish you the best on the test. I felt better immediately but symptoms came back within 2 weeks. That result was enough for them to do the shunt surgery. Since shunt surgery I am 100% improved. Back to normal pre-surgery for a 65 yr. old. Post when you make a decision on surgery. Bless you


One more note, Mayo in FL did not want the cisternogram if NPH has been diagnosed from the MRI. They do a couple of other tests and the spinal tap was the real determining factor. The spinal is the test that I improved so much afterwards. If I may ask, how old are you and how long have you had symptoms?


Thank you so much, The test has been completed and I will see my Doctor, Andrew Oh, this Monday for the results and options. I was named after my father (Merrill)

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