Prostate Cancer

Posted by Bob Butler @robertjohn, Apr 8, 2015

I just received the diagnosis of prostate cancer from my urologist on March 25. PSA 4 months ago was 5 and gland felt normal. Then a month ago PSA jumped to 14 and they found a bump during the DRE. Then the biopsy. High Gleason score of 10 indicating aggressive at that spot. I have been checked yearly and at 6 month intervals for 7 years. I sit here 14 days later and still have not had a face to face with the Dr. He is on vacation. I am thinking of just heading to Mayo and get this process rolling. Shouldn’t I have had more concern here from my docs to get moving? Or am I impatient? I feel the waiting is killing me and my family. The bone scan is done as well as the CT scan. Bone scan is good, CT shows slightly enlarged lymph nodes in the pelvic area. Could be just swollen. Insurance company denied a further PET scan and now I am waiting again. What an ordeal to deal with and no one seems to be as concerned as me. Any thoughts.

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does marijuana really do any thing for prostate cancer?

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Not aware of any impact on PCa other than palliative but, like everything else, knowledge is evolving.


I just joined Connect not too long ago and just saw this. Did you ever get a follow up? By all means you should head to Mayo or some other center of excellence for a Gleason 10.

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