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I hope all went well today.

Posted by @mainelady in Just Want to Talk, Dec 28, 2011

I hope all went well today. @jamesloew


Posted by @jamesloew, Dec 29, 2011

It went well, I think. I got a nerve block on my head done, and was told to start regulating my sleeping and eating habits. He also told me it was going to be a long journey.


Posted by @mainelady, Jan 25, 2012

Hi! The pain management place decided not to give me a steroid epidural shot in my neck and wants to wait and see if the migraines and neck/shoulder pain returns. Everyday I jump on my elliptical machine for 30 minutes and if this is the answer, I will continue to do it everyday. But, being in pain in the past makes it practically impossible to exercise. I hope you are doing okay.

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