I have stretchy skin and I'm hypermobility.

Posted by crazykbl @crazykbl, Apr 1 9:21pm

For several years I've been dealing with different types of migraines stretchy skin hypomobility lower back pain and going to the chiropractor for lower back pain and I have a ligament tear in my hip and I have a different problems in my neck and in my lower back and I have different Gi issues the gastropriesses and low swallowing issues and issues can't go slow mobility problems. have a ASD PFO closure and I have and read me a problems with a pacemaker.problems.L5 and L6 L6 S1 posterior annual fissure center dise protrusion of the ventral thecal sac . And I'm naturopenic and have a low immune system. Does this mean I have EDS.

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If you haven’t been to an immunologist for a work up I would strongly suggest this . Good luck .


Please contact The Marfan Foundation. marfan.org. They are the people to help you get to the correct doctors in your area. EDS is another syndrome that is included in their foundation.


I'm not a medical person but it certainly sounds like you might have EDS. I have CVID and a lot of my people with primary immunodeficiency do have this. I would try to find a clinical immunologist to check your gammaglobulin levels. Not an allergist-immunologist but a clinical immunologist. See if you can get into a teaching hospital clinic. Usually you have to have a referral.


I I had something called i m m u n o g l o b u l i n panels done. And my first one my A1 was 1:30 and I was on it said it was 72,400 and I was 130 and then my G1 0700 to 1,600 andG I was 921 m 40to23061 in in 2022 that what you are talking about 🧐


I'm also allergic to on my medicine allergy list I have 22 medicines that I'm allergic to. I forgot to mention I have a lot of hernia disc in my neck. I'm going to my primary and I will ask my primary doctor.


It’s possible. Those are symptoms of EDS or HSD, but joint hypermobility is the primary sign.

You can check the EDS Society’s website where they describe the multiple types and you can see if you feel you fit the diagnostic criteria: https://www.ehlers-danlos.com/

All the other types but hypermobile type have a genetic marker. If you feel you fit the criteria, it may make sense to pursue it.

But there are other conditions like unspecified connective tissue disorder (a rheumatologist would usually diagnose this) that might have similar symptoms.

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