I have GERD and Ulcerative Colitis. Often dizzy when stand up. Why?

Posted by mikejjb123 @mikejjb123, Mar 2 12:30pm

I am on blood pressure meds too but I think it may be all the other meds I take for my issues. Any ideas? thanks in advance.

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in reply to @mikejjb123 Are you by chance anemic? I too have ulcerative colitis, but know that the source of my dizziness is due to my chronic anemia. I have also been prescribed Propranolol for migraines, although I understand it is also used to treat high blood pressure, which is not my case. This drug does make me dizzy at times.


Thanks so much. It seems my is due to anemia too!


There could be many explanations… You’re right and it could be your blood pressure medication. Initially, my dad was getting dizziness upon standing, and it turned out he was taking too much. His cardiologist reduced the dose and ultimately recommended regularly checking his BP, and if it was low enough, then he didn’t need to take the medication.

Can you ask your pharmacist to look at your meds and tell you if any have this side effect?

It could also be hydration. I have POTS, which causes dizziness when changing positions and one of the main treatments is increasing blood volume with hydration and salt (if possible).

If it seems to be neither of those, could you talk to your doctor about getting tests or ask their opinion?


Thanks so much. I believe it is my iron levels and yes, hydration too!


Good morning. I too have uc and Gerd. I also have dysautonomia and just started taking meds to higher my bp. They make me dizzy but work. You should definitely discuss the dizziness with your pcp as well as gi dr. They may go to run some tests Always a good idea to keep drs in the loop. Good luck to you! Feel better soon. 😊☀️


Dizziness or light headedness upon standing from a sitting or supine position can be low BP, dehydration, side effect of meds? Easiest treatment is to sit up first and stay seated from a supine position until your blood has made its way to your brain. From a sitting position stand up holding onto a chair or wall and remain still before moving until your blood has made its way to your brain. You might google the meds you’re on the see if they carry a side effect of dizziness too. If it persists contact your doctor. You might check your BP too if able and keep a record to compare.

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