I have c diff and am scheduled for diverticulitis surgery.

Posted by lucymac @lucymac, Mar 27 9:50pm

It seems risky to have diverticulitis surgery while I still have c diff. Am I wrong about this? I would think it would be better to get rid of the c diff before surgery. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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Speak to your surgeon about it. If you still feel concerned get a second opinion.
Will you be getting an ostomy?


What do they do in Diverticulitis surgery?? Maybe get second opinion about when you should get it if have active C-Diff .


They won't do the surgery until the C-diff gets cleared up, I am sure.


WOW! Unless your diverticulosis is an emergency situation (are your extensively bleeding for instance) , I would absolutely run from this situation. C-Diff is an infectious form of diarrhea and has a great impact on the colon. I just had this last fall and ER did an abdominal CT that showed significant inflammation and swelling throughout the entire colon including the rectum. Now imagine operating on that! My GI didn't even want to do a routine colonoscopy when we discussed it a couple months ago. How long have you been on the antibiotics used for this infection? Do you also have an immune deficiency?

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