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I have been haveing the following problem for about six months, my Doctor does not have an answer for this symtom,

Posted by Anonymous-1d1c77cf in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Oct 2, 2012

If and when I sweat the sweat is sticky and will not wash off very easy, the same is true sith tears from the eyes. This is also abig problem with my urine which is where the problem was first noticed.
I would appreciate any input or suggestions to the possible cause and maybe a cure.

Tags: Skin Conditions

Posted by Anonymous-fa4e5843, Oct 5, 2012

Are you diabetic?Maybe have that checked


Posted by @dkmarlee, Oct 6, 2012

Not diabetic .


Posted by @anon46709842, Oct 5, 2012

Are you the only in your fam suffered from that simptom?


Posted by @dkmarlee, Oct 6, 2012



Posted by @anon73522656, Oct 6, 2012

You take homeopathic medicine KALI BICHROME 1M and I m sure ur problem will be cured


Posted by @dkmarlee, Oct 6, 2012

Thank you, this might be worth a consideration


Posted by @bettyann, Oct 16, 2012

Hi! Are you using lotions or cremes on your skin? This can cause sticky sweat... The idea of the homeopathics is MUST drink LOTS of other liquids count...only WATER (in addition to whatever you want to drink! 🙂 Read this might help you:

Good luck to you! OH...cranberry juice (the kind without high fructos corn syrup...but only sweetened with grape juice)

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