I had peritonitis years ago and having problems with vomitting, runs,

Posted by ann43 @ann43, 6 days ago

I got peritonitis because my appendix got a small hole and had infected my insides before the cause of my fever and pain was discovered. I was hospitalized for appendectomy and fever for over a month, I got gangrene of the stomach and they pumped my stomach for weeks and I was fed intravenously. The high fevers of 104-106 caused the taste buds on my tongue to all fall off, the skin on my hands peeled, my hair started falling out, I went into a coma for 3 days and they did not expect me to die. When I went home I was down to 52 pounds and everything tasted wrong and after a few bites of food I would vomit. I frequently got runs, and I still cannot wear anything tight at the waist without pain.

I cannot trust my stomach and eating out is invariably followed by getting sick. Holding a job means either not eating until I got home or risking an embarassing situation. Dating is impossible. People cannot understand why I will not go out to dinner, to parties, etc.

I have seen doctors and have tried stomach remedies of all types. I tried hypnosis, and meditation, and they would not help.

I just met another woman who underwent the same illness, who also spent a month in the hospital, and she has all the same symptoms. She also will not eat out, cannot stand anything tight around her waist, and suffers vomiting, the runs, and etc.

Can anything be done to overcome this?

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