I got a SCS!

Posted by wisco50 @wisco50, Mar 5, 2020

After reading and thinking, talking with other patients, etc., I decided to proceed and had a Pinal Cord Stimulator trial in late December. It was successful and at end of January I had a Medtronics one installed. Still “taking it easy” per surgeon/rep suggestions (bored!). It is most definitely helping! The only reason I have taken a Vicodin tablet at all is if my neck is very painful. (It’s also fused, more surgery recommended but I refuse). It’s like a miracle to me! My real test will be when it is finally garden/yard work season but regardless, I have no regrets at this early point. SO nice to have no leg pain!

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Am about to have one

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Good luck to you and hope you get relief also! BTW, I see a typo in mine that says Pinal instead of Spinal. Presume most readers will figure that out? I cannot figure out an edit method.

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