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I am considering taking my 25 year old daughter with extreme hair loss and hasimoto's disease to mayo's. Any experience?

Posted by @dwstfr in Just Want to Talk, Jun 21, 2012

I have a 25 year old daughter that has hasimoto's disease for 10 years with extreme hair loss and getting worse. I am looking for anyone that has any positive forward thinking experience with this problem. Anywhere.

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Posted by @hazelrodt, Jun 21, 2012

I am assuming she is on medication. Has she been followed by a medical practitioner? My daughter has had Hashimoto's for 30+ years. Her meds have been monitored and here meds have been adjusted several times. I suggest she make an appointment with an endocrinologist and to have her labs checked.


Posted by @bettyann, Jun 22, 2012

My 26 yr old grdaughter started in losing her hair when she was put on Metformin for her diabetes. I am mentioning this because I am wondering if your daughter could be taking the same med. I would definately take hazelrodt 's suggestions and have her lab's checked. My guess its a medication causing it. I am surprized her doctor hasn't addressed the problem.... although sometimes they seem to be the last to know about the effects of medications, sorry to say. Good luck to all of you!


Posted by @dwstfr, Jun 22, 2012

I'm sorry, I must not have made myself clear. We have labs checked regularly. She is with a very caring physician and we have done extensive testing to see if we could find the cause. I'm looking for something outside the box. Stem cell therapy, shots in her scalp, something new and different. All the normal thyroid approaches have been exhausted.


Posted by @hazelrodt, Jun 22, 2012

Has she been tested for polycystic ovarian syndrome? I think some of the symptoms are hair loss, dry skin, etc. My daughter also has that and the symtoms seem to overlap some. Good luck. Hair loss is no fun.

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