I am 83 years old with a PSA of 6.5. Will have a prostate biopsy soon.

Posted by artb @artb, Feb 27 9:31am

Would be interested to know what kind of treatment options I have available, depending of course on the biopsy results. I am in reasonable good health, with high blood pressure being treated. How limited are my options based on my age of 83?

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Stew: Thanks for your comments. It seems our situation may be similar. Will let you know how I make out. Best to you on your future plans. Art

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I appreciate your response Art, and please do keep us posted. I'll do the same. I get the sense there may be a bit of age discrimination in play but I also know expected longevity and grade of cancer growth vs treatment side effects and quality of life are all part of the choices we make.


My Urologist was quite upset when another MD ordered a PSA that had a result of 14.6. The results found their way to his desk and he called me in saying that now he 'had' to do something about it. I was 88 at the time.
A few months later, at 89, I had an MRI, biopsy, and PSMA, the latter indicating that the cancer was contained in the prostate. My Gleason was 4 + 3, as the MRI, and follow-up biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer.
Because of my age, the Urologist recommended that I do an 18 month course of ADT which included 1 month of Casodex tablets, and my first injection of Lupron D. I am on the time release 3-month Injection cycle, and at age 90, had my 3rd one on Valentine's Day.
My PSA has dropped to .03 after 6 months of treatment, and was .05 after the first 3 months. The MD wants it to be undetectable.
Side effects were hard to take during the first 2.5 months with hot flashes, muscle weakness, weight gain, and no energy/fatigue. The only remaining one is a 6:30a hot flash, the others having dissipated.
I do my best to stay active walking 2-3 miles each morning and watching my diet.
Other that the Urologist's disdain, I am pleased with how treatment is progress thus far.

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Did you have a PSMA-PET scan before treatment? I have 2 gleason 4+5 cores on my biopsy.
Should I get a PSMA-PET scan before starting Radiation treatment?
Thank you


Yes, I had a PSMA as my last test before starting treatment. Gleason is 4+3. Am in my 8th month of ADT, and my PSA has dropped from 14.6 to 0.2.
I would think that a PSMA is advisable before starting any PC treatment.
Good thoughts!

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