Posted by mesmerizing1 @mesmerizing1, Jan 7, 2020

Hypnosis is an underused, undervalued and misunderstood intervention for pain. It can be a powerful help for chronic pain. It is about helping the mind “re-process” pain. It is not the be all, end all cure for pain. ( I’m a nurse w 35 yrs exp and know the failing of meds, procedures etc) It’s time for us to be holistic about pain. To at least make available alternative treatments. I’m a good hypnotist. Unfortunately hypnosis is not covered by insurance ( correct me if I’m wrong) I won’t solicit on here…but please consider other interventions and place them in your “toolbox” of wellness.

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Interesting, it’s hard to believe that this method can relieve pain..ijs…can this method help with migraine headaches?


@mesmerizing1 My sister is a retired RN, and went through training to become a certified hynotherapist while she was still working. She flew down to assist me before two surgical procedure in the late 90s, and took me through hypnosis sessions each time. I credit that with my quick recovery. The human mind is a mystical thing!

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