Posted by ddtownes @ddtownes, Sep 20, 2018

has anyone been diagnosed with hyperchlorhydria ? if so what are you doing to treat it. in addition to usual side effects, I am having halitosis because of undigested food in you digestive system. thanks for any response.

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Welcome to Connect, @ddtownes,

I sincerely apologize for my delay in replying!
As you probably know hyperchlorhydria, sometimes called chlorhydria, or sour stomach or hyperacidity, occurs when gastric acid levels are high in the stomach. I’d like to introduce you to a few members who’ve discussed high stomach acidity and I’m confident they will be happy to share their insights with you. Please meet @shahnaz @nanny23 @kozlo52 @ptfitzy @clemlaa @travelgirl @macjane @destinnana. I would also encourage you to view this discussion,
https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/getting-off-of-omeprazole/?pg=4#comment-113713 where many members have shared insights and tips about similar digestive issues.

@ddtownes, how are you managing the hyperacidity? Besides medications, is there anything else you’ve tried that may be helping?


@ddtownes I had really bad acid reflux at time caused by Gerd.. Yes it can cause bad breath. I find chewing Cinnamon gum helps.
I wish you the best

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