Hydroxyurea caused neuropathy? Pain; feet, legs, hands and lower arms.

Posted by wasbilly @wasbilly, Jan 26, 2018

Essential Thrombocythemia, been taking Hydroxyurea 500 to 1500 MG/day for 5 years, stopped for 2 months and pain got better, Dr put me back (2 weeks) because of my platelets tracking back up and pain and a bit of craziness is coming back. Norco helps but if I take more than 3 I fell worst. Tried Gabapentin and Cymbalta and the side effects were worse than the pain. I’m a follower of Jesus, praying and reading the Word does help.

I have the exact same situation. I take 3 500mg of Gabapentin daily, which lessens to numbness and pain. But it’s getting worse. Same with having to control platelets with Hydroxyurea. No win situation, except, like you, with prayer. Suggestions from our ptofessionals? Thx.


Hello @wasbilly — Welcome to Mayo Connect. I’m glad you found us. Connect is a good place to ask questions and learn what others with similar health problems are doing for treatments and more. Have you had a chance to read through the Neuropathy Group discussion “Living with Neuropathy – Welcome to the Group”? It’s an active group of members myself included that suffer from some form of neuropathy. You can find the discussion here:


May I ask if you have tried any other therapies or non drug changes for treatments?



I don’t have any experience with your condition, but have a lot with your last statement and could not agree more. I noticed this past weekend that someone was in awe of the positiveness of those on here who have suffered for years and retain their hope. For me, that is completely a result of my faith. As several of the authors I read have said, “we were not built for this world as it is now, but will someday be in one where we are at home and no longer travelers”. I don’t want to rush that, but it is a large reservoir of hope. Take care and please don’t be a stranger. If you are comfortable talking about your depression more, you may want to follow along with the mental health group if you are not already. Blessings, Gary


@wasbilly@gman007 . Gentlemen, just wanted to chime in briefly on your discussion to say I’m blessed by your transparancy & hope in the Higher Power in Christ. I to share in the faith and it has long been my source of where I go in good times and not so good times. I love the vs. in Matt. 28-30, take solace here to find rest for your souls those who find themselves weary & burdened. @thankful


I appreciate everyone’s positive comments and just wanted to say thanks.

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