Humira and Fistula Healing

Posted by Guener @guener, Jul 9, 2016

I have a perianal fistula draining from my colon, and it has been easier to deal with since I had a seton placed, but I’m hoping to see it heal. I’ve been on Humira for three months, not very long, I know, but have been wondering if anybody has seen improvement or success in fistula closure/healing while taking Humira. My reading on biologics informs me that Remicade has produced good results in fistula resolution but also having more side-effects (for some patients); while, equally, I like being able to administer my medication from home vs. going to receive an infusion. Thank you in advance for your shares.

Hi @jay_baruch, this is a great question! Here’s some information I found about Humira being prescribed for fistulas, which may help explain why your doctor prescribed Humira vs. other drugs:

I’m tagging @thankful and @spiderwebb who have written about Humira and Remicade before. I’m also tagging @maureenboblitt who has reached out about fistulas. I’m hoping they’ll be able to share their experiences with you!

Did your doctor give you a timeline about when you can expect it to heal?


@aliskahan, @thankful, @spiderwebb, @maureenboblitt — My GI said to give it 9-12 months to resolve, if I remember correctly. That seems like a long time, but I don’t have anything to compare to; so, I wait. Some days seem better than in the past, but I’m unsure if that’s only due to effective/easy draining from the seton. In the past I’ve taken Cipro and Flagyl to help close it up (but to no avail but with improvement), and maybe I should ask about that again. Lately it has been more painful, with a small abcess that could be a new tract or not. On the latter, I’m going to see a surgeon next month to check on my seton and overall.

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