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human cruelty

Posted by @uptopart in Just Want to Talk, Apr 16, 2012

My over all health has been humunize, victimize, and violated! Beyond human recognition, comprehension! Now I'm disable, speechless!

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Posted by @uptopart, Apr 16, 2012

Something is very wrong, bias, and unfair; about the whole entire situation, issue, case or matter!


Posted by @china, Apr 18, 2012

Do you have a lawyer. Yes very wrong


Posted by @uptopart, Apr 18, 2012

No! Nobody in the state of TX, wonts, refuses to offer me any help period! Texas is behind the attempt demisement of my health!


Posted by @uptopart, Apr 19, 2012

I had suffer an emotional&physical breakdown, trauma in June 09! My health problems were; severe right side pelvic pains, speech impairment(now it's diminish), Anemia, HTN, headaches, lost of mobility, lameness on right side, TIA'S, mini strokes, or brain injuries, DVT/Blood Clot(s)! DAMN!


Posted by @china, Apr 23, 2012

Yes something is very wrong. That's a beginning so get help.

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