HRT for Double Mastect DCIS who has had total Hysto?

Posted by coleprn @coleprn, Mar 15 10:25am

Patient had DCIS and double Mastectomy followed 14 months later by total hysterectomy. I've watched her suffer all the evils of hormone loss and having providers tell her there is nothing they can do. Does anyone know of anything in the works, any study that can help her with this??

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Was her DCIS hormonal? Did she have an Oncotype DCIS? Was she prescribed an aromatase inhibitor after the hysterectomy? If her cancer was not hormonal, can she ask docs about HRT? Is she over 60?

Most of us after menopause only have small amounts of estrogen, produced by the adrenals. Has she gone through menopause naturally or only after the surgery?

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