HPV vaccination schedule -delays

Posted by rramesh @rramesh, Oct 5 8:40am

My son (age above 20yrs) was administered with the (HPV) human papillomavirus vaccine.

After the first dose the second was correctly taken in 2 months time. However he misunderstood the prescribed schedule for the third dose. Instead of preparing for the third dose in the 6th month (from the start) he miscalculated it as 6 months from the second dose.

Now in his 8th month (from the first dose), is any harm in taking a delayed third dose? Please advice.

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This is a question for his doctor's office, although I imagine a pharmacist might also know the answer. From a practical view it should be fine but double check with a medical practitioner. Good he is taking care of his health.


Hi @rramesh Welcome to Mayo Connect. I recently received the 3 dose HPV vaccine as part of a post stem cell transplant protocol. My second dose was 3 months after my first dose. Then the third dose needed to be at least 6 months after the second dose. Mine was given about 6 months later.
It was explained to me that being a few months later wasn’t a problem but not to go earlier.
It sounds like his understanding of the schedule was correct. My 3rd shot was 9 months after the first shot.

You can also his doctor or pharmacist to make sure. Did he get his shots at a clinic or pharmacy?

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