How to tell family and friends that they should visit?

Posted by pghsusan @pghsusan, Apr 25, 2023

How do you tell family and friends that they should visit patient while still alive, rather than only coming after the fact?

This is a question really for all cancer groups, but i'm a part of this one, so I'm posting here.

I feel the need to tell people to visit but at the same time, I'm not the type to tell someone what they "should" be doing - I mean we are all adults, right? If they want to visit, they will, right?

Then why is no one visiting!?!! They think a phone call is good enough...ugh.

Sorry, just needed to vent.

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It is hard when you would like company to visit but they don't. One option is to tell them your feeling well enough for company and your not contageous. You can say you would like to see them and hear about their family. They may be assuming that you don't feel well enough for company. I was tired most of the time during my treatment for esophageal cancer. Have you tried inviting someone to help by bringing you a milkshare and visiting?


I believe that some people can't manage dealing with illness and it keeps them away, not knowing what to say or do to help.


I agree with Don’s suggestion. It would let them know you are able to have visitors and would enjoy seeing them. It would eliminate them wondering if they should visit or not.

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