How to get a second opinion for an international patient??

Posted by amani79 @amani79, Aug 10, 2017

Hi all
I was wondering how can i get a second opinion for my 13 years old daughter that was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumor with mets to liver
We are in Jordan,
Please help me in the procedure
I have her all CT scans PET scan liver biopsy reports

Hello @amani79 and @debf

It has been a while since either of you posted about your children's treatment for NETs. I hope that their current treatment is proving helpful.

I would enjoy hearing from you when you have an opportunity to post.



Hi all
My daughter had a CT scan last week
It showed that there is a progression unfortunately
Her doctor wants to give her Everolimus
Anyone have an experience with Everolimus
Please share your story with us
Many thanks

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Hello @amani79

It has been a while since I have heard from you. How is your daughter doing?


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