How to get a diagnosis for fatigue faster

Posted by tetra56 @tetra56, Nov 4, 2023

I have been nearly bedbound for months and am having difficulty getting a doctor to take me seriously and actually conduct tests for me. How do I make the process faster?? My medical system also has months-long wait times and very busy doctors. I have applied for undiagnosed disease network and I would apply for mayo clinic if they had options for people who are not physically capable of travel.

(So far my blood tests have turned out normal. I am trying to minimize my blood tests done because it increases my pain and for me pain from minor injuries can last months or years.)

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For a month my increasing balance problems were misdiagnosed as a pinched nerve or similar. Finally, when I started losing feeling in my toes I decided to stop being polite presented myself at the Emergency Room.

After a couple of hours (and a bit of triage) the neurology team visited me, realised something was seriously wrong, and admitted me. Within 5 days I was on the operating table having a very aggressive tumour removed from my spine.

I know that lots of people don't have good experiences at the ER when they're not suffering from obvious physical trauma, but in my case, limping in the doors that October morning two years ago likely saved my life, or at least prolonged it.

Don't give up. The medical system (both here in Canada and in the U.S.) is strained, especially after COVID, so people can slip through the cracks. You're your best advocate. And good luck!


@tetra56 Welcome to Mayo Connect where we try to help each other deal with whatever life throws our way. When you say you are trying to get a diagnosis, but then mention sensitivity to pain, I feel there are missing details. Mayo and other multidisciplinary clinical programs typically rely on being able to examine you, and order tests that cannot happen from a distance.

Can you tell us what other symptoms you have, and perhaps other ailments? Are you seeing specialists?


Tetra56, I was blessed in that my now retired doctor of many years, immediately diagnosed my Fibromyalgia back in 1996. He did a sed rate on me to rule out MS, Lupus & RA. He palpated all the trigger points and I told him I was exhausted. It's a fatigue that you can't explain. I was so grateful for him and miss him terribly. Sometimes, I find that asking a question with present doctors works best, in your case like, "Do you think I have chronic fatigue syndrome?" "Do you think I have fibromyagia?" "Can you run a sed rate and other autoimmune bloodwork to rule out other diseases? "Can you run a complete thyroid panel: TSH, T3, T4 & Thyroid antibodies & Thyroid Antiglobulin?" Thyroid can make you extremely tired as can Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Praying you get answers soon. I care.


You were lucky with having such a great doctor - seems when I tell my doctors of my growing fatigue they just point to the other specialist,
Oncology (CLL/SLL 2 years watch &wait) says nope it’s all your heart, cardiologist (triple bypass last June) says nope not your heart, internist thought Lupus, RA (Ana came back positive- other test borderline) all I know is that some days my fatigue is awful, I am by nature a very active person (70) so guess that makes fatigue feel worse!


None of my several doctors can/will truly check into the extreme fatigue here. No one gets it; just how bad it really is. I have several issues that contribute, but the Fibromyalgia causes my whole body to ache...yet the fatigue is the worse thing I deal with, by far. Like one of you said; one doctor sends you to another, etc, etc... Several years back I started taking a green tea capsule the minute I wake up. It helped me get moving, once it started working. Lately though, it isn't helping very much, but I also have MAC, DDD, arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, neuropathy in my feet, gastroparesis, and more. I'm not whining; just so you sort of get the picture...I am 80, and I realize that likely contributes a little. But I am very blessed! Things could be SO much worse! We don't have good doctors in my area, but some do try---sort of.


To expedite a diagnosis for fatigue, it's helpful to document specific symptoms, their duration, and any patterns you notice. Schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional and communicate your concerns clearly. Be open about your lifestyle, any recent changes, medications, or stressors. Request relevant tests or referrals that could pinpoint potential causes. Advocating for yourself and being proactive can often accelerate the diagnostic process.

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