How mobile can I be with concrete hip spacer?

Posted by hoopsdujour @hoopsdujour, Apr 4 8:15am

I am looking at a 3rd and 4th hip surgeries any day after my infection came back again. I need help understanding what I can and cannot do after the hip spacer surgery while waiting for that 4th hip replacement surgery, which is supposed to be around 10 weeks after the 3rd?

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I have had a concrete antibiotic spacer since Oct 2022.
I had severe bacterial infection and had 8 hip surgeries then they just took it out and put in spacer .
How do we get these infections??? The dr won’t even look at another hip until I am 3 months with no antibiotics and no infection. Dr states if I do go thru with a new hip I have a great risk of infection and I would lose my leg because I have had too many surgeries.
I use a walker and wheelchair.
I want to get my life back.I am 73 but was very active before all this started .


God bless you❤ Seriously, I wish you GOOD!


I had a massive staph infection in one of my hip replacements after 13 years. I had it removed Feb. 7 and the surgeon put in a spacer. I was on IV antibiotics and now take oral antibiotics. I’m getting used to the spacer and am finally able to do more and more for myself. My spacer is plastic with concrete used to hold antibiotic beads to fight the staph infection. I now use a walker (rollator) and walk 3 times a day for 10-20 minutes. The worst thing you can do is stop moving. You don’t want to lose precious muscle mass and it will help you mentally, too.
Because my other hip replacement is also failing, I will have it replaced first in appr 6 months. I am waiting a year to have the spacer removed and replaced. My surgeon said the longer I wait, the better chance I have of not getting another infection. My advice is don’t be in a rush to have more surgery. Let your body recover. Make a schedule for walking and do your PT exercises.
I know waiting is difficult, but after having a neck fusion (ACDF) in July, I realize that I need to be really ready both emotionally and physically. Hang in there. You’re not alone.

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