How is the assoc between Radon exposure and inoperable lung cancer?

Posted by laughlin1947 @laughlin1947, Mar 15 11:06am

How prevalent is the relationship between Radon exposure in the home (undetected as yet) and lung cancer (inoperable/female)? Stage 4 metastatic adenocarcinoma. Other causes? Non-smoker for life.

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Hi @laughlin1947, Due to advancements in the discovery and testing of the genetic mutation types of lung cancers (ALK, EGFR, KRAS, etc.), I'm not sure that we really know how many lung cancers are due to radon. Historically it's been easy to blame second-hand smoke or radon for lung cancer in patients with no other risk factors. Now, we know that gene mutations have caused lung cancers, likely for years. Some early-stage lung cancers are still not tested for these cancer drivers, leaving the statistics incomplete. The scientists don't know exactly what causes these gene mutation cancers; maybe radon, maybe something environmental, or maybe biology just makes mistakes that our bodies aren't able to overcome.
Have you had biomarker testing?
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