How do you stay positive through the pain and fear?

Posted by merribea @merribea, Aug 18, 2022

I'm in the hospital with pancolitis, c-Diff, sepsis and pneumonia. Pneumonia is getting better, my stomach is another story. I've had many hospital stays in my 65 years, but none have hit me like this before. The depression from the extreme pain and the long time being away from my home and family is almost too much to bear. How
Do you cope?

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Welcome @merribea. Oh I can see you have a very tough situation to surmount. Any one of these conditions or infections (pancolitis, c-Diff, sepsis and pneumonia) would get the better of one's physical and mental health.

I'm tagging fellow members like @astaingegerdm @cindylb @ngorman25 @nexus @vic83 @psd0972 @cayzmom and others who have been there.

As we wait for others to join the conversation, let's keep talking. Merribea, how are you doing this morning? Are you able to have visitors at the hospital?


I'm so sorry to hear about your dreadful situation.
For myself, I've found it helpful to feel my feelings, hopefully with the support of compassionate family or friends. Lacking that, I write out my feeling or speak them aloud when alone. It reduces the pressure of feeling I must bravely and optimistically "cope", so as not to be labeled a complainer.

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