How can I help my Grandson who has been diagnosed with Autism?

Posted by harryenglsh @harryenglsh, Dec 6, 2023

Although I have fathered 6 children who are now adults and successful my Daughter-in-law feels I am not taking my Grandsons Autism diagnosis seriously. I have researched and complied with all the suggestions found, Still she will not let my Grandson visit my home.

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@harryenglish Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!

Being on the autism spectrum, or having a loved one/friend on the spectrum, can present challenges. There are many aspects to the diagnosis, and it is not "one size fits all".

You haven't mentioned how old your grandson in question is. Are you able to sit down and have a gentle discussion with your daughter, to understand her hesitancy in visitations? That might be a good first step.


I was late in life diagnosed with autism. I have found that the largely unknown form of communication through Morse Code use is unsurpassed in my life to provide fun and challenge and unequalled stress diversion for me. I first discovered the Morse activity at age 13 years ago.
The resemlance to combined puzzle assembling and crossword puzzle solving and tonality use, buffer provision communication, non vocal communication really appeals to me. Plus, the use is a lot of fun and also elevates my low self esteem!


@harryenglsh I also have a granddaughter, age 6, started first grade, with autism diagnosis. She's also a brilliant girl (not just a grandfather's opinion), and recently was also diagnosed ADD. She's been very fortunate to have good teachers thus far who understand her needs and are willing to accommodate them. As Ginger suggested, a conversation with his parents to figure out what they want of you, could be helpful. Unfortunately, we live 400 miles from our daughter, so we don't get to see them often enough.

Our daughter is a therapist, and she and her husband meet with an autism therapist at her clinic to learn ways to deal with K's diagnoses. Perhaps a session that includes you would be possible. We might be able to do that ourselves next time we visit.

Don't give up. You can be a source of joy for your grandson.


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