Hospital for Special Surgery surgeon for hip revision?

Posted by susanders @susanders, May 11 8:34am

Asking for someone who needs a hip revision. Does anyone have experience with, and would recommend, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York?

Any thoughts on how to choose a revision surgeon with expertise and experience will be appreciated.

Thank you,

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I was scheduled to have bilateral shoulder replacement surgery there some years back but because of uncontrolled seizures they refused me as a patient. That's where I'd go for joint replacement or any other orthopedic surgery. Joshua S. Dines M.D. at HSS is the son of Dr David (I think) Dines M.D. who was the assistant to the head of the department but I forgot his name. I was hoping to see. I imagine his Dad is probably retired now. Last I heard he took over the Orthopedic department at a Jewish hospital on Long Island, I believe, I can’t remember the head surgeon's name that I dealt with but I doubt he is still practicing.


I have had two occasions to go to the hospital for special surgery (HSS) the number one hospital in the country for orthopedics. I always do tons of research before going to any doctor. At HSS I had a cortisone injection done by Sabrina Strickland. Fixed me right up within hours. Also Joseph lane. Not sure he’s still practicing. Reading the bio is important. I just had a thr in Boston with an orthopedic surgeon whose resume is spectacular. He also operated on my very elderly neighbor. Just do your homework but I would trust any orthopedic surgeon at HSS.


I just posted my comment to the wrong person. I think it was Leonards post which as meant for you. No better place in the country for orthopedics than HSS. I’m sure any surgeon would be an excellent choice. Have been there twice already.

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