Hormone Therapy question

Posted by russ153 @russ153, Nov 9, 2022

I will soon be starting hormone therapy using Lupron and Bicalutamide. I have been taking Finasteride for BPH since 2018. Should the Finasteride be stopped ? My urologist doesn't seem to have an opinion on this matter.

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Why was Lupron discontinued?
AbbVie would like to inform you that this product has now been discontinued globally across AbbVie due to a lack of demand with newer alternatives available.

I use Zolodex every 3 months injections

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"Please note that no other AbbVie products, other than Lupron Depot 5MG/ML (DIN #00727695) will be affected. All other formats and strengths of LUPRON (leuprolide acetate injection) will continue to be produced and commercialized both globally and in Canada. Lupron Depot is also available as a 3.75 mg (1-Month SR), 7.5 mg (1-Month SR), 11.25 mg (3-Month SR), 22.5 mg (3-Month SR) and 30 mg (4-Month SR) formulation."


Thanks for your reply, but radiation is not an option for me. I am 80 years old, and the radiation oncologists in my HMO will not do radiation therapy in men over 80.

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Get a second opinion.


@russ153 Finasteride masks the real PSA count by approximately a half, so if your PSA on Finasteride is 5, the real reading is 10.

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