Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) after a hysterectomy

Posted by Helen, Volunteer Mentor @naturegirl5, Jun 12 10:21am

Did you have a hysterectomy, including ovaries, and the surgery put you into menopause? What was your experience? What medical specialty (your gynecologist?) helped you figure out how to deal with your menopausal symptoms? Were you prescribed HRT and what worked for you?

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I had a hysterectomy Jan 26, 1999. For three months prior to that, I was given a shot of Lupron, to attempt a medical menopause, and stop bleeding fibroids. Didn't work. My right ovary was retained, everything else came out, including fibroids big enough in total to weigh as an eight month old fetus. I was never offered hormone replacement, perhaps because of family history of breast cancer [mother's sister]. It was a 1.5 years before the remaining ovary ceased function. I have never been put on HRT, nor even approached by any medical professional about going on it.


Helen, Ginger,
While I am speaking from a husband's perspective, my wife had a hysterectomy at the age of 46. She suffered with horrible pain, clotting for years with numerous attempts to resolve. Fibroid tumors and Endometriosis. Ovaries were healthy and stayed intact. Fast forward several years and ovaries were no longer producing hormones. We became associated with a Dr who was Holistic in his approach and really helped resolve her symptoms. We are now in Florida and under the care of Dr. Cross at Hormone Therapy of Citrus County. She has opened our eyes and doors to approaches that I did not exist. If nothing else, read up on her approach and look for someone who matches her skillset. https://www.citrushormonetherapy.com/

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