Hoping to find why walking or standing is comfortable vs sitting , etc

Posted by barberry @barberry, Sep 18 5:29pm

In 2019 I had a decline in health including chronic constipation. Below the left rib cage there is a small area next to or part of the descending colon. It's a painful area and there is a constant pulsing motion. I use heated rice packs during the night and part of the day and sometimes massage the area. When I am walking I do not have the experience.
Standing is also good compared to sitting or lying down. Plus I breath much better in those positions. Frequently I eat standing up. I would be grateful for any feedback and for others experience. Thank you very much for this site.

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The fact you have chronic constipation, and pain on the left side sounds familiar. I have diverticulosis. It is very common in the elderly but young can have it also. I am not qualified to explain it and it does not explain the "walking issue". Look it up, there are patient websites
where hundreds of people share their experiences.
I wish you the best , but the answer "may be "out there" in the best medical asset we've ever had.


I don't know if I had pain in that exact part of my left side, but my pulsing spasms were the result of my IBS-C. I don't know if that fits your situation.

I had to learn to relax (CBT hypnosis for anxiety issues worked for me) and of course, I still have to eat right, which is different for everyone, get enough sleep, etc.

Your gut may not be as fragile as mine. As a first step, try warm drinks and unchilled water; also, cooked foods instead of raw are easier to digest.

If you need to explore limiting your diet otherwise, there is a lot out there on IBS.

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