Hip revision

Posted by gfred @gfred, Nov 8, 2020

Anyone have experience with with failed hip revision or slow to heal?

Husband is anticipating having a revision due to build up of toxic metal ions and large area of inflammation around one hip. What was your reason to have revision?


My husband had hip revision a month ago due to toxic metal ions build up. He is non weight bearing for about 8 weeks but is faithfully doing his PT and has minimal pain. It will be a long recovery as they needed to break his femur to get out the previous hip replacement . As we understand it the statute of limitations has made it so the manufacturer has no more legal responsibility for the damage done to his body.


@ltsally & @sailaway – I don't know what symptoms caused your husbands to seek revision, but I had mine done in 2011. It took over one year for the heavy metals to be eliminated from my body and all of the side effects to disappear. The tissue damage from the metal deposits disappeared over time – the surgeon described the damaged tissue as looking like oatmeal – but now I just have a little nerve pain in the area from time-to-time. The healing period was twice as long for the revisions (both hips) as for the original surgery, even though they didn't need to break my femurs to do the removal. Please encourage him to keep going – now, nearly 10 years post-surgery, I have full use of both legs, and except for some bursitis, my hips are the most pain-free part of my body.

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