Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Posted by Josiek @josiek, Jan 25, 2019

My brother-in-law is 3 days post op from hip resurfacing surgery. He is having many challenges including severe pain and exhaustion. Any insights if you have had this surgery what could be happening? He was discharged one day after surgery and told the pain is expected. He's on pain medication, icing, trying to move then pain level hits a 10. Thanks in advance for any insights.

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Good Morning, wish I had better news on resurfacing. Had my hip resurfaced in 2005 to be able to continue to do triathlons. Nothing but a swollen, immobile and painful hip until I finally had it revised in 2009.


Thanks for your reply! Hoping our guy improves this initial hurdle, he too, very active bow hunter, early 60's, thought this would be a better procedure than hip replacement for him, meanwhile having a heck of a time just with post op.


March 15, 2019

Dear Mayo Clinic Connection Members,

Some background information: my name is Chris, I am 76 years old, I am recovered from a left-hand deficit stroke, I have had a left femur titanium rod and left hip titanium nail repair, and I am currently using a cane to walk. The nail resembles a tent stake when x-rayed.

When I try to walk without the cane, my left hip does not support me and is painful. I had the repair surgery on December 27, 2018, so I am in month 3 of recovery. I would like to know the recovery history of hip replacement patients and of those with replacements like mine.

Thank you everyone for your information and time, Chris.

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