Torn Hip Ligament during Hip Replacement: How to cope with the pain?

Posted by suzanne2 @suzanne2, Jul 24, 2020

As anyone ever had a ligament torn during the procedure? I did and I have been told it can’t be repaired. How do you cope with the pain?

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@suzanne2 do you know that the pain is from a torn ligament? I ask because pain near the replaced hip might be caused by several things, including hip flexor tendinitis (psoas tendinitis), infection, loose implant or something else. To know what can be done, you'll first need to confirm the issue. See this article

– Mayo Clinic Q and A: Pain near artificial hip should be evaluated without delay

It is my understanding that torn ligaments can repair, but it is a long process and requires patience. Most often RICE is recommended:
– Rest
– Ice
– Compression
– Elevation

But that is contradictory to the movement and exercise people are usually told to do following a hip replacement. Have you talked to a physiotherapist about this?


This hip was replaced 6/18 and has never been without issues. It has been checked for everything possible to try and find the source of the pain. Finally had an MRI that showed the torn ligament. Three weeks ago, while at Mayo, I was given a guided injection and I finally have relief from the daily pain. The orthopaedic surgeon I saw there was relentless in her determination to help me. I have nothing but praise for her. The first thing she did was a biopsy to rule out infection. That was last November. On my recent return she had me get a guided injection directly into the torn area and I now have pain relief. I had 3 injections in Michigan so I was pretty apprehensive it would be effective. So I am very happy to finally get help. The orthopaedic surgeon who did the THR looked at the MRI and said whoever read it didn't know what they were seeing! He has denied it happened.

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