Hip Replacement: Sleeping post-surgery

Posted by lotsofpain @lotsofpain, Jun 9, 2019

I am told that if I have a hip replacement – a real possibility – I’ll have ti sleep on my back. I almlost alwayts sleep on my side. How on eartth willI I ensure
I sleep on my back

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@lotsofpain, I am a side sleeper also but have found a few times after my knee replacement it was difficult. I found placing a small pillow on the side that I normally roll over on helped me stay on my back. Maybe a small pillow on each side?


@lotsofpain I find it almost impossible to sleep on my back, I'm a side-sleeper. Yet for some reason, when it is necessary, as in after my TKR and after my liver transplant, I was able to sleep on my back! I try to sleep on my back but rarely can.

This past weekend we were in NYC to visit our daughter and we stayed at a Hilton. There were two pillows on the bed and I actually did sleep on my back! I slept so well that I took the pillow cover off the top one to see what it was. It was a pillow with a duck feather core surrounded by down. I have googled and the Hilton pillows come in soft and firm. I didn't look at the bottom pillow but I suspect that one was firm, and the top one was soft. I really had a great sleep and plan to purchase some. It really made a difference for me. My pillow is memory foam and I used to love it, but it doesn't work for me sleeping on my back.


Hoid morning! Yes sleeping on your back after hip surgery is hard. Especially when you don’t sleep on your back. Use pillows under your knees. I found that help with pressure on the back. I never really rolled on my side because sleep was not very good for awhile. It’s about 3/4 weeks then you can sleep on your non operative side using a pillow between your legs. It’s been 3 years and I still use a pillow! Also sleeping on my hip replacement side for me is still not comfortable. Best of luck to you.

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