Hip and Low Back Pain

Posted by blike @blike, Sep 6, 2022

Doctor did x-rays which showed degenerative subchondral sclerosis with irregularity about the pubic symphysis. Yet, it wasn’t until I Iost 65 pounds that I started having problems. I stay active and do yard work and other things without a lot of trouble.

However, when I wake up at night and try to move, something catches in my left hip and the pain goes up into my lower spine and down my left leg. I have to work the pain out before I can stand up. I’ve tried several sleeping positions and a pillow between the knees doesn’t help.

Doctor suggested therapy but he doesn’t seem to know what’s, wrong. Can therapy help me and if so, what kind of therapy? I’d like to know what’s going on and what I can do about it. Thanks, Barbara.

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Hello, @blike, what kind of doctor did you see? The pain you describe sounds a lot like what I had 20 years ago. When I would try to step up, something would catch terribly in my groin. I was diagnosed with arthritis, spinal stenosis and a laundry list of other things. After being treated for years for spinal issues, a sharp-eyed radiologist suggested the issue might be in my hip. The ortho surgeon to whom I was referred thought he walked into the wrong exam room, as I was in my early 50's and very small – he thought he was looking at 85 year old hips. After replacement, I still have stenosis and arthritis in my spine, but it is totally manageable with good hips. Now, in my 70's my knees are wearing out as well – I will not hesitate to have them fixed when the time comes.
Maybe it is worth evaluating?

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