Hip and hamstring problems

Posted by sfgiants @sfgiants, Nov 13 5:40pm

I was told that I need a hip replacement on the left side. Lately my hamstring on the same side is causing a lot of pain.
Is this due to the hip pain?

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Hip pain manifests in many ways, including our pelvis, back, legs. This could very well be why you are having hamstring pain.


@sfgiants Welcome to Mayo Connect – I'm sure you'll hear from a lot of people about this issue. As @mitfit said, hips can fool you – I was treated for almost 5 years for back pain and knee pain, PT, injections and more PT – coming close to surgery for spinal stenosis. When x-rays were done – "Oh, you need both hips replaced!" That wasn't totally the end of my back pain, but it was far better – I can easily live with the low-level pain issues (as long as I keep moving every day.) A few years ago, I had hamstring and thigh pain – guess what – the implant was failing and needed to be replaced. Revision was done, and I've been fine for years.

So, if they tell you your hip is bad, it is probably causing you to limp, or at least change your gait significantly. This in turn is causing the pain.

Are you preparing to have surgery, or still "on the fence"?

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