High anxiety level.

Posted by gaileygirl @gaileygirl, Mar 20 10:05am

My anxiety level is very high. I have curtailed most social activities – even church – because I am never sure when I am going to have a BM. I wear pullups all the time, and check to see where the nearest bathroom is when I do go out. Do any of you take medications for this?

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I take cholestyramine, a powder that I mix up in six ounces of water, every day as prescribed by my colonoscopy doctor. It’s made a world of difference for my annoying bowel.


I take the same medication in pill form colesavalem. It changed my life in 3 days! It is a cholesterol medication that happens to cause constipation. Perfect for those of us with chronic diarrhea. I don't know why more Gi's don't know about this. I suffered for years. No more depends, no emergency rushes to the bathroom. I still go 5-7 times a day, but it is manageable. Educate your doctor!


Constipation certainly can be a good side effect of colesavalem- if one has chronic diarrhea.
However, it’s not for everyone- it’s good at lowering cholesterol but can interfere with other metabolic processes. Definitely , if your doctor knows you well enough it can help a lot.
I’m very happy for you- having dealt with colitis myself in the past it sounds like a miracle.


Do you know why this is happening to you? Have you had a recent colonoscopy?
I get that problem if I have a flare up of autoimmune colitis. I also have to know where the bathrooms are and tend to avoid outdoor activities.
Have you tried taking Imodium before you go out?
Just make sure you are followed by a gastroenterologist- there are medications that can help.

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