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Hi Redocean! I am trying to cope with chronic Myofascial pain without

Posted by @aglassofsherry in Just Want to Talk, Feb 21, 2012

Hi Redocean!
I am trying to cope with chronic Myofascial pain without strong pain meds and am beginning self Myofascial release exercises for 3 weeks now. I, too, have family history of mental illness and anxiety, and I guess I probably have this illness due to high anxiety and tension in my life. I am a RSP teacher and feel a lot of stress on a daily basis which is a detriment. I have experienced some relief from the exercise program but am not pain free. I take ibuprofen and ambient for sleep, but don't ever feel free of pain. I have faith in God and He keeps me in the right direction. Any suggestions for everyday pain suppression?


Posted by @redocean, Feb 21, 2012

Hi there, Good to hear from you. Self Myofascial release is excellent if you can do this yourself. I've tried several times as I am a fan of Bonnie Pruddens and Janet Travell. Travell treate JFK. So I've done a lot of research on this work. It's a terrible affliction. Most of us who have it didn't know it until years later so we can't expect overnight success. Having said very careful with doing too much. You already know this but so did I. I was an overly active woman all of my life; weight training, sports, aerobic conditioning, working, volunteering, raising two families. Now I can't do any of those things. The muscles just said enough! This particular syndrome changes your brain chemistry as you might have read. That's one reason why we cant get "Pain Free." But, if you can get into a Physical Therapy program on a once or twice a week basis-and get into the water as often as possible-warm water therapy has been a life saver for me. Only surprising thing is ..the exercises seem useless to me as they seem insignificant compared to what I used to do. I do quite a bit of deep breathing which relaxes me alot. I can no longer work but If you can, you should as long as you aren't stressing your body in any way. If you can stay off the strong pain meds you'll be better off. What is an RSP teacher?


Posted by @aglassofsherry, Feb 23, 2012

I teach children with learning disabilities to read, write, and do math in a public school. It is a stressful job but rewarding when they do well. I have never heard of Bonnie Pruddens or Janet Travel but I will definitely research their work. I have been working for 35 years, 20 years as a medical office manager and teacher for the last 15. I raised 2 families, worked while finishing my colllege degree and child rearing at the same time. I do feel "worn out" but don't want to completely quit (finances aren't great). Were you able to get disability benefits? I don't really know that much about Myofascial pain syndrome because the drs in my community don't really "subscribe" to it. My physical therapist thinks I just need to strengthen my muscles due to poor posture and lack of certain muscle usage. I have tried to stay active my whole life, so it is quite infuriating. I have taken antidepressants off and on for the past 5 years due to PTSD. It is nice to communicate with someone who understands, so thanks for responding to my message. Let's continue.


Posted by @redocean, Feb 23, 2012

Hello again. I'd like to address Docs first. Not many understand this syndrome....but it is related to Fibromyalgia only in my opinion they are different. Some docs think FM & MFS are one and same so they give you that (it's all in your head) thing....even if they don't say it. The thing is if your PT can refer you to a D.O. not will get somewhere with S.S.disability possibly. But! if apply for SSD under PTSD you will likely get it if you can document from docs who've treated you for that. Combine both illnesses and you will likely get it. Most get rejected 1st time but not usually for PTSD. People like ourselves with PTSD have held ourselves so clenched all our lives (PT's will say Guarded)...then the muscles get torqued into a fist so to speak...and I am learning that the ones that cause the back problems are more than back muscles/tendons...You would't believe how many layers of muscle are in our pelvic region -defined as from our navel to S.I.joints and across to hips.
I am shocked at the intensity of pain that is running thru these muscles when they get (as my PT says) ANGRY. or ...pushed a little here and there with the therapy. Now mind you...I have two PT. The 1st I went to because of a herniated disk on MRI. Then a specialist from a Pain Clinic sent me to a big wig in Kaiser SF for what they think is a nerve flare up of the Pudendal Nerve (google it -u'll be blown away by the area it affects) So this Big Wig Female Specialist sent me to a Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic and this is where I have begun to understand the pelvic floor muscles and PTSD.
You likely have TMJ too right? imagine how you clench your jaw unawares? We do the same thing to our Pelvic muscles not even realizing it. The pain causes MFS. not to mention S.I.joint problems and pinched nerves.'s rather a mess isn't it? Anyway, I really hope I haven't gone on and gotten to confusing. I'm only a few weeks into the PT and I'm in so much more pain because the muscles are getting agitated. So I hear ya girlfriend....Loud and Clear!!! This is one the most challenging maddening thing I have ever tried to deal with ....and from my history and yours..that's saying alot.


Posted by @aglassofsherry, Feb 24, 2012

Hi! Thanks for responding, You are really making things more clear to me. I know what you mean about the pelvic area muscles. I have been exercising the Myofascial release and strengthening muscles for 4 weeks now and can actually feel the sacroiliac region in my back for the first time in "I don't even know how long" because of pelvic tilt exercises the pt has taught me. I can also actually lift my arms above my head now too. I am feeling a little more optimistic at this moment, but am counting my blessings because I don't know how long it will last. Thanks for the info on disability, but the insurance I have is not through social security, it's a private one I pay for as a teacher. I didn't realize my PTSD had anything directly to do with my problems, but it sure does seem to relate now that I put the pieces together. Also I have discovered the similarities with Fibromyagia and Myofascial pain syndrome and think I may have both. It is amazing how you have mentioned so many issues that I experience, you seem to have the same problems that I do. It's so good to know that someone understands. Thanks.


Posted by @redocean, Feb 24, 2012

Hello Again,
It does seem we have a lot in common as to the challenges we face. My Pt gave me pelvic tilt ex too. I'm having a lot of head stuff going on with this pain and just came back from visiting my doc who's trying to get me to learn how to allow the pain to come without resisting it. She said when it comes on stronger than usual or anytime you think you can't handle it-Immed deep breathe, get into the tub w epsom salts and think about how the warm water is flowing around you and softening the tight muscles and how it is allowing them to relax bringing oxygen to the area so that I can face this without fighting it. It was so upset this am that I broke down in front of her. She's excellent because she understands that all of this isn't in her head but because of the PTSD they play each other. So after the appt. I felt drained....I walked along the waterfront were coming in and birds were everywhere.Children riding their bikes and people just soaking it all in. That's what I did before I came home and while I do hurt badly it seems easier to cope than this am before I left..YES, It IS good* to know someone understands. Thank you for your reply.

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