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Hi Iruka, I can't comment on your depression complications! However, I had

Posted by @uptopart in Just Want to Talk, Apr 22, 2012

Hi Iruka, I can't comment on your depression complications! However, I had suffer an emotional, physical break down, trauma, setback, or crisis; that literately shut my brain down in June 09! My health had took a turn for the worst! Currently I'm able disable, suffer with emotional/physical health problems, and his lost my ability to speak properly, effectively, or my speech is diminish/demolish for the most part! The sad part about my over all health crisis! I still haven't been given any answers; as to what caused all my; health problems, ruination, declination, and or deterioration in the first place! @iraku


Posted by @iraku, Apr 22, 2012

Hi Uptopart, It's ok for not commenting anything. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this detail and I am sorry to hear the difficulties you are facing. Diagnosis and discovering someone's depression and emotional break down is a challenge. I have done all the research myself and able to consult with my GP and she was kindly approved on the statement base on the evidence I provided. It really helps to know exactly what is going on with our health. I tried to stay with a doctor who is helpful and find a supplement treatment if possible. When I observe my routine or things that trigger my symptom I consult with my doctor. Be very patient with all your helpers, if they are not as useful then just walk away and find the new one. It is very frustrated but remember if you let go of the frustration and focus on your search it will be much more effective way to get better.


Posted by @piglit, Apr 22, 2012

Hi iraku How's your day been. Is your headache better


Posted by @iraku, Apr 23, 2012

Hi Piglit, it was quite bad yesterday that I thought I would have a flu but somehow this morning was alright and I forgotten that I had had a headache the day before! Thank you so much. Hope you are doing well, have a good night my dear friend. 🙂


Posted by @piglit, Apr 23, 2012

Glad that your headache is better and that you haven't got the flu. Stay well my dear friend Piglit

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