Hi...doing a lot better.............I just cannot get any questions answered to my

Posted by WILKINS905 @wilkins905, Nov 2, 2012

Hi…doing a lot better………….I just cannot get any questions answered to my satisfaction….these doctors are saying I have tinnitus .. and i say I don’t…..today I have no head buz…I am trying to tell them the mix up on three drugs caused the problem and they are trying to tell me I need a $2000- $3000 earing aid…….i have had shots in my back , shots in my hip and , now I have bursidis in bout hips they can tell me why I have it…..I don’t think you should have shots stiriods when you have been thru a near play of seritonin sydrome….I sent them the pharmacology report and they stilplay it off…..well as long as I am doing better today that where I going to focus..any comments from you or the other players on the system is appriciatedl @piglit

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Hi wilkins glad that your’e doing better. But sorry that you still having a few hiccups. I’m not too sure about tinnitus except a friend of mine had this that I worked with many years ago and the ringing was constant. As i mentioned to you before that also a relative of mine experienced buzzing while on a medication and this was a side effect, once the medication was changed with another gradually the buzzing went away as in your case. I would try to see an ear specialist who could run the proper hearing tests on your ears to see if you do have a hearing problem. Hope this has helped a little Nice to hear from you again Please let me know how things go Always here Piglit


thank you for your response…I have seen three ENTs..had one hearing test….I can hear real good …the audiogram would beg to differ….but that doen’t give me any confidence when they tell me in a ‘ restarruant I would not be able to hear the folks at the next table”..I don’t want to hear them(LOL)……I am not YOUNG MAN(76)……BUT MY HEARING WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF THOSE DRUGS HAD NOT GOTTEN MIXED -UP…..the doctor never tried to change the drugs..I have not had other medical problem..been in very good health all these years….I would like to get well..but I don’t know how when I cannot get the doctors to step up and attact the problem….they all ignored my alert notice when they first gave me the trio of drugs that the interaction report sad was bad news……well i am going to stay on them ..i am not going to change doctors and let them forget..if they messsed up they will have to continue working with me until I get whole ……off the soapbox helps to ventilate ..TTYL


Hi again well just keep on keeping on until you get the answers that your’e looking for. I would be. Take care and let me know how things go Annie

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